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Bio-Molecular Acceleration Mesotherapy/Slim & Shape

Using Germaine de Capuccini’s Synergyage Cosmeceutical body range with this machine gives a wonderful partnership for areas of the body.

Remodelling treatment working of areas of the body to eliminate retained fluids and lipids.  Firming and sculpting using Radio Frequency.  Areas that can be treated are the Abdomen, Thighs, Bust, Buttocks.   Anti Cellulite /Stretch Marks treated too.


Arm Firm & Tone Arms

Finally Available for the first time after years of waiting

An effective treatment that purely works on the specific area of the upper arm.  Providing a firmer, feminine & slightly shaped arm.  Rich in plankton extract, imitating the effects of resistance exercise which improves tone, and organic silicon to regenerate collagen & elastin fibres which firm the skin and giving definition and plumpness.


Microdermabrasion for Stretch marks and Cellulite & Ageing Hands.

With the resurfacing action of Microdermabrasion the skins texture and circulation is improved leaving a smooth and more even result removing  keritosis pilaris, pimples and bumps.


Bio-Molecular Acceleration

Anti Cellulite /Stretch Marks Improving the tone and structure of connective tissues.  Works amazingly with Microdermabrasion


Elite Just Tone

A updated technology for tightening effects with muscle toning , Celulite and shaping in just one easy treatment.  Programs can be designed specifically to your needs with individual program settings of a combination to your requirements.  It is much more comfortable experience  and you will gain a better toned and firmed appearance.  Consisting of stimuli bands being place around the trunk of the body and thighs   you are then placed into a comfortable heated blanket and guided by your clinician through the workout of warm up, work out and cool down.



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