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Intensive Light Pulse (IPL) Hair Reduction.  Offers a lasting solution to unwanted hair growth.  botm Skin Aesthetic Clinic use a system with a unique cooling hand piece and large treatment head.


Skin Base IPL offers the largest treatment head in the industry ensuring large areas can be treated effectively and faster than alternatives on the market, whats more unique to this system is the Cryo-hadset.  This means an end to pre-products to de-sensitise being applied prior to your treatment, again making the treatment quicker than others and more importantly mess free.  The Cryo handset cools there areas prior to treatment creating a anaesthetic effect to the skins surface and thus providing the most comfortable treatment experience.


The system is Medically CE certified and has been independently tested verified by one of the countries leading experts on IPL.  It is also manufactured within the E.U.


What Is IPL?

IPL emits beams of visible pulsed light onto the skin.  This light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and turns into heat energy.  Providing there is sufficient melanin in the hair this heat disables the hair follicle so it can no longer produce a hair.  Permanent hair reduction is only possible if the hair is in anagen growth phase.  Approximately 30% of hair is in this phase at andy one time.  A treatment course is required, during the course the hair will diminish showing patches of no hair  a usual treatment course can be between 6 - 10sessions.  Facial hormonally stimulated growth may need the higher end of treatment and possibly 10-12 sessions for a satisfactory reduction in hair growth.


IPL is clinically proven to work on almost all skin types except for very dark skin.  Within your consultation you will be assessed for suitability for the treatment by your clinician.  Skin Base IPL allows practitioners to fine tune the settings to suit specific hair combinations. Only white/grey and red hair does not respond to IPL or Laser treatments.  These hair types are responsive to electrolysis.(see information on electrolysis)



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