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Photo-rejuvenation, Vascular Lesion & Acne.   These treatments can all be treated with IPL Medical therapies.  The light based therapy works by targeting structures within the skin, breaking down unwanted structures and improving the appearance of the skin.  Treatments are suitable for most skin types including Asian skin tones.  Medical therapies are progressive treatments and courses are required to achieve the desired results, if this is not adhered to the benefits will not be achievable.


Photo Rejuvenation


What is Photo-rejuvenation?

This is a treatment that reduces redness and uneven pigmentation.  Treating sun damage, age spots and pigmentation and reduces fine lines and wrinkles giving a soft plumping action to the skin and more youthful appearance.  This leaves the skins appearance smoother and even.


3-6 treatments are usually required to achieve results, spacing the treatments must be 2-3 weeks apart.



Vascular Lesion Treatment


Vascular blemishes are very common and respond well to this treatment.  Thread Veins (Broken Capillaries), Rosacea and Campbell de Morgan Spots (Cherry Angiomas can all be treated.  After the treatment a gradual breakdown in redness occurs over a number of days.  Unlike other treatments for Capillary treatment there is no down time due to no breaking of the skin.


1-3 treatments are usually require to achieve results and the spacing of treatments should be 2-3 week intervals to get the necessary result as it is a progressive treatment.


Acne Treatment


The SkinBase IPL system has FDA clearance, this means that it has been approved for effectiveness in the treatment of Acne.  IPL light destroys the bacteria on the skins surface preventing new spots occurring.  Dramatically reduces inflammation and over production of sebum (natural skin oils) produced by the sebaceous gland that causes the outbreaks of pustules.  Collagen is also produced which helps to improve the appearance of acne scarring an improves the skins texture.


Acne treatments usually on average require 3-4 treatments, however in some instances and extreme conditions of acne 5-8 may be required.  Precise treatment spacing is required and should be 2-3 weeks apart no more.



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