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Exfoliation refines and polishs the skin removing dead skin cells.  Stimulating the blood and micro-circulation to enhance the skin’s clarity and tone leaving it brighter, smooth and soft.


At botm we offer a range of body exfoliators  are designed to treat and enhance your skin, each performs individually and takes into account the skin, feeding it  not just removing dead skin cells.  Your exfoliator will be chosen by your clinician to provide the most benificial to your sking needs and reqirements.


Ocean-Oil based formula containing Algae vitamins C, E for protection & lightly detoxify.


Spice- An incredible blend of the finest spices in the word, resins, woods, poppy seeds, nutmeg and bamboo particles provide hydration and nourishment.


Mediterranean-Exotic African Baobab shell seeds & oil, olive stone & grape-seed for conditioning



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