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The only PERMANENT  METHOD of  unwanted hair removal!  Suitable for everyone.


Electrolysis is still the only proven permanent method of hair removal. It remains today the only legally allowed to claim it offers totally permanent hair removal many women and indeed men have benefited from this tried and trusted treatment.


First practice in 1875 and is totally safe when performed correctly.  Modern methods are very comfortable, gentle on the skin and even more effective and is  an affordable treatment, and is increasing in popularity today.


Electrolysis is a effective and progressive method for the removal of unwanted hair, for all skin type and colours and all hair types and colours.


How does it work?

A fine probe approximately the size of an eyelash is inserted into the pocket of which the hair grows (the follicle), a tiny blast of energy is targeted at the root of the hair.  The burst of energy presents nutrients feeding the hair, the hair becomes weaker and finer.  Repeated treatments are require this is due to roughly only 30% of hair at any one time is in the appropriate hair growth cycle.  After repeated treatments and a little time an perseverance the hair in no longer able to grow and a complete hair free results are obtained.


What to expect in your appointment.


Your first appointment will consist of a thorougher consultation to ensure treatment suitability and suitability of treatment method.  You will be able to ask questions about the treatment and experience a ‘taster’ session (patch test).  Your treatment plan will be discussed with you along with the essential aftercare that you have to adhere to and follow for the treatment to be successful.  Each session of treatment will depend on the area and are charged by allocated time for treatment.


Treatment costs after initial consultation from £26.00.




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