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Superfacial Peel-AOX System Unlike many other peels on the market traditionally cause some discomfort during the application, itching, redness, irritation and later desqumation (removal of skin cells).  The new generation avoids such discomfort and offers great advantages and in a much safer way for your skin.  This is suitable for ALL skin types even delicate sensitive skins and can be used the Whole Year Round, even in the summer unlike traditional peels.


Discover Smoother, Firmer, More Radiant and with a Rejuvenated Apperance along with improvements in the skins texture and tone.


From £60.00 (course of 4 sessions once a week reccomended)


New Skincare Techology Epidermal Growth Factor+HA Formula Facial Ultra Regulating Complex has arrived with a state 21day skin treatment formula.  This treatment complex has been years in the making and resurch with Genomics and is proven to re-generate aged cells and reverse the signs of ageing.  (Can also be known by the Hollywood elite as 'Penis Facial')


Course £330.00


Also available within our Aesthetic range are


Microdermabrasion, This is the introduction of fine crystals that work over the skin removing dead skin cells, a vacum action collects the particals and stimulates the circulation promoting the stimulation of collagen and elastin.


From £50.00







Bio-Molecular Acceleration Synergyage Clinica Using Mono-Polar Radio Frequency to stimulate the skins deepest layers, firming and tightening by shortning stretched collagen fibres. With the addition of microcurrent and sono therapy to propell penetrative products through the dermis and sub dermis  for specific skin tretments such as acne and hydration of wrinkles and Lifting allowing lating results.


From £60.00


Bio Skin Jetting/Smoothing, A natural biological treatment for the reduction of lines and wrinkles. A non-surgical minor invasive treatment reducing depth and length of wrinkles, acne scars.


From £45.00


IPL Medical Skin Therapy  Using light based therapy to work on targeting certain skin imperfection be it Acne, Pigmentation, Threadveins General refinment of the skin from ageing.  IPL (Intensive Pulsed Light) can treat with outstanding results.  A course of treatment is required to obtain the results and prio to treatment a suitability patch test.


From £55.00


Non Surgical Face Lift Using microcurrent techniques to stimulate the muscles of the face this allows lifting and firming of the contours of the face and tones the skin with no downtime.


From £25.00




Aesthetic Facials are best described as advanced aesthetic/medical/ground breaking treatments.


We offer two of the leading ground breaking facial treatments with Germaine de Capuccini whch are New-Generation Anti-Aging Systems.  Offering Maximum Effectiveness and Maximum Saftey which is vital to our skin.


We do not want to have treatments that treat one problem effectivley, but in the process cause another cause of concern.


Peels are renound for this.


That is why until the Synergyage cosmeceutical lauched the AOX-peel system and the Epidermal Growth Factor+HA Formula.  These aesthetics are at the forfront of resurch to deliver results.



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