botm was established in 1996 providing skin specialist consultancy and clinical therapist with 20 years’ experience offering a vast knowledge of expertise, treating skin conditions using non-invasive techniques that truly mean an alternative to cosmetic surgery.


We offer advanced facial and body therapies using a range of Non-invasive treatments targeting anti ageing, pigmentation and skin blemishes.  Micro Pigmentation, Electrolysis and Advanced Cosmetic Procedures for blemish removal are performed along with many other treatments using only professional brands.  Using a unique synergy of dermatologically tested cosmeceuticals, medical-aesthetic devices along with the most up-to–date technology and advanced therapies allowing the correction of the signs of ageing and positive effects on skin imperfections of the face and body.  Our extensive range of Facial & body treatments delivering positive results.


Our area of expertise and careful selection of cutting edge technology with formulated treatment plans after consultation deliver results second to none without needing to turn to injections or surgery.




I am so delighted to welcome you back to the Clinic and am looking forward to seeing you after such a time due to unforeseen circumstances with Covid-19 virus.


The following information is to advise you on changes that have been made to the  business in light of Covid-19  and to inform you of requirements that you will be required to adhere to for your appointment to be carried out under the new  Covid-19 Government regulations.


New requirements for us to be able to operate the business are in place and it is compulsory they are followed!  We are carrying out all the necessary procedures for each and every one of you pre and post your visit to keep you and the Clinic safe and well.  The clinic has had visable changes that have had to be made due to the Covid Virus and there are also changes you will be required to do upon arrival and whilst within the clinic and on departure.  We are Complying with Salon Guidelines and this is what we have and are doing

 The Clinic

We have undertaken a thorough review of the Clinic and the services offered.

We have rearranged the waiting area (removed it where possible) Reception and treatment areas will be adhering with social distancing guidelines.

All surfaces throughout the Clinic will be cleaned regularly and appropriate cleaning product will be used between each treatment .

All items of equipment will be cleaned before and after every treatment.  This includes all metal instruments, brushes, bowels and tweezers.

One-use disposable items will be used where possible and necessary (suitable alternatives kept when not possible).

We will ensure adequate ventilation is provided throughout your visit to the clinic through window and air circulation.



We have conducted training to ensure all clients are cared for in a safe, hygienic and professional manner.

Therapists have temperature readings taken every evening and upon arrival to the clinic.

Treatments have been adapted to uphold best practice, including hygiene and safety.

Social distancing will be adhered to at all times unless mitigated with PPE.



We have reviewed out treatment menu and removed treatments where we have felt necessary to do so and in accordance to Government guidelines.

We will wear gloves, masks, facial shields and other personal protective equipment (PPE) during your treatments where required.  Hand washing will be performed before and after every treatment.

PPE will be disposed of and replaced after every treatment.

Therapists will stay with you throughout your treatment, to reduce the risk and minimise infection.  This also reduces the need to replace PPE.

Clients Arrival and Reception

We ask you to call the clinic from the carpark so we can come and meet you to minimise congestion in waiting areas.

We will great you warmly but without a handshake or personal contact.

On the way to the clinic you are asked to retain the social distancing and in any area of the building.  Recommendations of distance of required social distancing are marked on the floors and stairs for your convenience.

Reception is cleaned regularly.

Where possible we will escort you straight to the treatment room to avoid congestion and minimise contact with others.

We ask you to pay using card or other cashless means where possible (if not that you can make cash payment as hygienic as possible spraying or wiping with alcohol or antibacterial products prior to coming to the clinic).



To only arrive if you have a confirmed pre arranged appointment and to call the clinic from outside or your vehicle.

Arrive at the time agreed, to maximise social distancing.

To wash your hands and/or use hand sanitiser prior to arrival.

To use hand sanitiser as directed on arrival before your treatment.

To wear a face-mask within the clinic.  (unless specific treatment requires removal, but only to remove your face-mask once directed by your therapist).

Consultations will be performed verbally as required or if more information require (or a new client) over a platform that enables this.  (FaceTime, zoom etc you will be directed as required).

Your temperature will be taken upon arrival and recorded. (if it is above the acceptable level you will be asked to rearrange your appointment for safety reasons.




All therapist will also be adhering to  government guidelines regarding uniforms and will be freshly laundered each day and only worn at the premises.


If for any reason you do not have a face mask/covering one can be provided at a small charge.


To inform you unfortunately a small nominal charge for additional service costs will have to be added per visit due to Covid-19 compulsory change to terms of business.  This has been calculated to keep it as low as possible and will be £4.25.


Courses of treatment will temporarily be suspended from the treatment menu.  Ongoing courses will continue until completed, the addition charge of covid nominal fee per visit will be charged.  We hope for courses to return as soon as possible.  (charges per session will remain the same).


We are happy to discuss any of your individual concerns, please feel free to speak with us.


Thank You for your understanding and co-operation From The Proprietor



















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